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Plastic Handrail Covering & the D.D.A. Recommendations.

The introduction of the new D.D.A. recommendations "Disability Discrimination Act"

W. BRIGHTON (Handrails) is the only company whose sole concern within the United Kingdom is Plastic Handrails. We have some 20000 to 25000 metres of handrails in six different sizes and colours in our warehouse at any one time.

W. Brighton handrails have been fitting plastic handrails since 1965. We are an established company with our own fully qualified fitters who travel the entire country fitting plastic handrails. Plastic handrail is not a “DIY” job. It is a specialist trade. We offer very competitive fitting rates and we only use Heavy Weight Materials as opposed to lightweight section, which is commonly used by others.

In our opinion our SPAC plastic handrail covering, i.e. "warm to the touch" complies with the new D.D.A. recommendations. They are suitable for internal and external use although dark colours, i.e. Black, Brown, Dark Green, are better for outside use other colours are inclined to fade with time when exposed to ultra violet light i.e. direct sunlight.

We have 5 sections of standard plastic handrails:
Standard Marley type handrail which fits onto a 30mm x 8mm, 35mm x 8mm, 40mm x 8mm, 50mm x 8mm and 60mm x 8mm core rail.

We have 2 sections of round plastic handrails:
Plasitube round handrails, which fit onto a 25mm x 15mm (R40) 40mm x 8mm (R55) which fits a 40mm x 8mm core rail.

These are our standard sections that we fit. These sections are manufactured to fit six standard size core rails.

30mm x 8mm core rail on main uprights of 20mm wide. (Black & Grey)
35mm x 8mm core rail on main uprights of 20mm wide. (Black Only)
40mm x 8mm core rail on main uprights of 25mm wide.
50mm x 8mm core rail on main uprights of 35mm wide.
60mm x 8mm core rail on main uprights of 45mm wide.

Ex stock colours are as follows: (Standard sections 40mm x 8mm and 50mm x 8mm) Black, Red, Light Green, Dark Green, Grey, Silver, Gold, Dark Blue, Brown, Yellow and White.

The bright colours are best used for the "visually impaired" and the darker colours for the "partially sighted" so they contrast with white or light coloured balustrades and background decorations. The above-mentioned colours are all EX STOCK from our warehouse with "Special Colour" requirements to order with minimum quantity restrictions. Virtually any Ral colour can be produced.

Standard section can be bent around tight radius bends. We ask for twice the material width as a formula for an internal bend, therefore;

30mm x 8mm core is 2x30= 60mm minimum internal radius
40mm x 8mm core is 2x40= 80mm minimum internal radius
50mm x 8mm core is 2x50=100mm minimum internal radius
60mm x 8mm core is 2x60=120mm minimum internal radius

Please Note: When fabricating steelwork for the fitting of handrail please adhere strictly to all dimensions specified.

Plaisitube (R40): This section is fits onto a 25mm x 15mm flat steel core rail, which must be supported on uprights no wider than 10mm, mounted centrally under the core rail. These uprights can be stub standards, spigots, wall handrail brackets or a 40mm x 8mm core rail on edge forming a Tee section core rail, the R40 should have a 75mm internal radius bend and for falling wreaths in both sections.

Colours available in the R40 section are: Black, White, Dark Blue, Silver Grey, Yellow, Dark Green and Blue.

Plasitube (R55): This section fits to a 40mm x 8mm core rail and gives a 55mm diameter finish with standards not to exceed 25mm. Strict fabrication specifications apply to this product.

The round section should be bent to a minimum internal radius of 120mm on plan and swan neck elevation should be bent to a radius of 75mm at the top and bottom of the drop from 1100mm to 900mm off the pitch line. Ramps from level to raking and from raking to level should be bent to a radius of 50mm minimum. The ends of the round section should extend 300mm onto the landing and be left straight and NOT turned down, as these handrails are too large to slip up a coat sleeve, which is the reason for turning standard handrails down.

Square corners with mitres must not be used with this section, as these can be a health & safety hazard.

The sharp corner is at about eye level for a wheelchair operator and as such a radius bend is safer and is only applicable to this product. We do not entertain fitting of this product where mitred corners have been fabricated.

Colours available in the (R55) section are: Black, Grey, Blue, Dark Green, White, Yellow and Red.

Supply only; Supply only orders are dispatched same day for a 2 to 3 day delivery, next day delivery charged at cost for UK mainland only.

Supply & Fitting; we offer nationwide supply and fitting service for all of our handrails and are pleased to quote you by the telephone. Approximate length, core rail size, and colour and site location is all we need to give you a quote.

Quotations would be a fixed price for the duration of the contract.